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Bill Shorten Courage Led ALP Comeback

July 3, 2016

Last week Bill Shorten did something outrageous. So outrageous in fact, that even rusted on Labor supporters felt he’d overreached. Bill Shorten chose a word that is intimate and singular in meaning to Liberal/National members and voters: PRIVATISATION.

LNP loves privatisation. To them it means selling a public asset like Telecom and floating it on the stockmarket as Telstra. They had 3 cracks at that. So the mention of privatation for them means just one thing: floating on the ASX.

So Shorten cleverly took this stalwart and recast it as any erosion to a public enterprise. Medicare is a PUBLIC enterprise and therefore you may go to the doctor and pay nothing for a bulk billed visit. If LNP policy causes your doctor to charge you, by sending a price signal, then Medicare is being privatised. Clever!

On June 17, Shorten made the powerful statement: “…save Medicare from being privatised, Amemricanised and destroyed”. This struck a cord, and to take this further took great courage.

Will the media claim Shorten is lying because PM Turnbull said he wouldn’t “privatise” Medicare? YES. Will this backfire on Labor? Most likely? Does Shorten have the courage to try it anyway? YES.

So we’ve had the election and still many are calling Shorten a liar. Get over it folks, he’s not expecting Turnbull to sell the whole of Medicare on the ASX. Who’d buy shares in that anyway?

I’m running one last election survey:
Will Malcolm Turnbull deliver the stable government as promised?
You have 12 hours to fill it in as it closes tonight 10:46 PM – 03 Jul 2016. Please have your say!


twitter survey will turnbull 2-July.jpg

So far it’s half way through and a couple of people think Turnbull with the support of Pauline Hanson’s newly gained 2 seats will be able to deliver stable government. And one for the Xenophon party. But many think if Turnbull wins government it will be a disaster!

Overriding everything else, 61% of respondents so far simply think that Turnbull is a goose! Honk Honk!



Polling closes – Australia Decides!

July 2, 2016

Finally it’s 6 PM on the 2nd of July, 2016, and we’ve all voted! We all know Turnbull is the favourite, but what if he retains less seats than Abbott? Is that really a win worth celebrating?

Anyway while all that campaigning was going on, I ran my own polls. Here are the results!


What will clinch this election.jpg

Pictured above, my first poll asked What will clinch this election? I was somewhat pleased that Shorten’s worker’s rights was way ahead, since other issues were receiving much more publicity in this campaign and Industrial Relations was barely mentioned.


What will clinch this election mk2 15-June.jpg

The first poll didn’t give LNP (Liberal/National coalition) a chance so this time I asked whether it was tax or programs/policies that influenced and once again the outcome favoured Labor.

My followers are dominated by Labor and Greens voters so this is not surprising. But what is surprising this election cycle is how many Liberal/National voters have given up on Twitter, presumably because their arguments don’t hold water when scrutinised but all and sundry on Twitter!


How is NBN.jpg

LNP voters didn’t seem to be responding so this poll challenged them for an answer. I few people said they vote Labor but may they vote (yes, of course!) but maybe, just maybe a few actual LNP voters actually voted! Only ONE person was happy with NBN, all these years later! It is certainly not rolled out to many yet!


shorten turbo 23 June.jpg

Has Bill Shorten gone turbo with high energy and passion? Yep.


joyous party20 june.jpg

Tonight’s the night for a joyous party, if Tony Windsor wins the seat from a sitting deputy PM Joyce! A couple of people didn’t agree but 99 did!


did morrisons secrecy rule 26 Jun.jpg

First of two of my personal favourite polls I ran. Did Scott Morrison’s secrecy rules make conditions worse for the asylum seekers in our “care”? 68 said Yes, 2 hadn’t heard about it and 2 didn’t care.


has shortens honesty 30 june.jpg

Second of two of my personal favrouite polls. Bill Shorten laid it down. He revealed his costings. He gave enough time for analysis. He gave enough time for criticism. Politically maybe it was a mistake, but that raised Shorten above the competition and the media.

Turnbull used it to compare against loose costings that he’ll never achieve, just to carry on the old mantra that Labor spends more and builds debt, right after Turnbull ran a government that hugely increased our deficit and debt.

The poll also examines the optimism or pessimism about whether this was a good move, i.e. it was dangerous, but it was the right thing to do, so the optimists win and bet that honestly will indeed prevail over the long term. Shorten may not win tonight, but his plan certainly would have worked for Australia if it had been given the chance. But here’s hoping he does win and gets to prove himself!


medicare 2-July.jpg

Last but not least! The media is fact checking and claims the Medicare privatisation threat is a Bill Shorten fantasy, in fact they’re labeling it an outright lie. This boils down to the definition of the word. After all, are we talking about LNP’s favourite thing? Are we talking about floating Medicare on the stock market?

NO. Bill Shorten started this conversation and he’s not talking about selling the damn thing. It’s a PUBLIC health system paid for by our taxes!

So I’ve asked my followers, Is Turnbull privatising Medicare? The poll is still running so you’ll have to keep an eye out on the results. But so far 29 out of 30 believe Turnbull will do what can only be described as privatisation to our public health system, pushing up the prices of going to the GP, making drugs cost more, making tests cost more.

Good luck sick people if Turnbull prevails tonight, because you’ll need it!

Religious Intolerance and our Right Wing Media

June 7, 2016

My colleague opened up to me yesterday with a rare rant about politics. She was very fired up and seemed to want to lecture me about how our media is biased towards Labor and how Labor wastes so much money so we need to vote for Turnbull.

So I let her rant. She’s middle aged and generally a very nice lady so I thought to myself: now this is interesting, I wonder how someone who seems to have compassion has suddenly embraced right wing politics?

She said that all of the radio stations are biased towards Labor except for 2UE (or 2GB?) and that Alan Jones is terrific because he stands for what he believes in and doesn’t like the CSG.

It’s clear that her media influence is very much on the right, since she made blanket statements that Labor wastes money and the Liberal doesn’t. So I probed for views on other issues. I said I’ve heard that Pauline Hanson is making a come back. At this point my colleague took over.

She passionately explained to me that entire new areas are being created by developers that are aimed at Muslims, with mosques as a feature and that this is leading to ghettos in Western Sydney. She informed me that she’s not religiously intolerance but this is a Christian country and other religions can’t come to Australia and expect to have the same rights as Christians. It’s just not right. Okaaaaaay…

She told me how dangerous it is to let Muslims into this country because they don’t have the same values as us. We’re a Christian country apparently.

Then she told me that the teachers are brainwashing the kids with mis information. That all of the Labor Prime Ministers like Whitlam are taught in great detail and are put on a pedestal, while the Liberal ones like Downer are ignored. Apparently this is why all of our kids leave school and vote Labor.

Then she ranted on about how Turnbull is better than Shorten blah blah blah.

But for me this all returns to the question: how did my colleague swing so far right? What was the issue that made her pick her side and reinforce her views so strongly? The primary driver seems to be her religious intolerance and specifically her fear of Muslims. It seems that any media outlets that express strong views against Muslims are to be believed and all others are Labor biased liars.

No wonder our country is becoming so screwed!

Can Shorten Change Labor’s Course for Asylum Seekers?

May 28, 2016

Bill Shorten is stuck in a rut. When Abbott in opposition proposed we Stop the boats, Labor matched his proposed brutality in a desperate attempt to survive.

Now Shorten is faced with dissatisfaction from two directions:

Boat fearful voters not trusting Bill’s resolve to keep the boats away;

And disgust by voters who think he should stop sucking up to the extreme right and should bring asylum seekers to the mainland.

After watching the most excellent film currently screening: Chasing Asylum, I wondered what political force could make a difference while our two major parties are so dug into their positions?

My conclusion? The guy stuck in the middle needs to make change. Bill Shorten is in a unique position to push Australia out of our rut of cruelty.

That’s right; it’s not Shorten’s rut, it’s Australia’s rut. Shorten is stuck in the middle and can either do nothing and lose from both directions, or he can make changes and drag Labor and Australia back to dealing with asylum seekers humanely.

To achieve this, Bill Shorten needs to make significant changes so I have listed a number of demands to Bill, if he wants to do the right thing and gain votes at the same time, please meet my following demands.

These demands are TOTALLY doable for ALP in the current political climate.


  • That Shorten promises to differentiate Labor from L/NP by removing secrecy clauses from detention centres and allowing journalists to visit without any notice and with their visas paid for by government.
  • That Shorten does a one off bulk transfer of all current detainees to Australia for processing, since they have been mistreated and need to be removed from harm.
  • That all new detainees are treated more humanely, which will be much easier and much cheaper with a fresh start and no existing detainees.
  • That Shorten makes moves to turn proper treatment of asylum seekers as a bi-partisan issue so that the race to the bottom doesn’t continue to worsen.
  • That Shorten doesn’t simply “match” LNP’s cruelty towards treatment to provide a deterrent to future arrivals.
  • To separate the “you will never reach Australia” policy away from cruelty to asylum seekers, because cruelty isn’t necessary for that policy to exist.
  • To increase the intake of asylum seekers (Labor already promised this to almost a satisfactory level. Greens have promised many more but too much for general acceptance).

Turnbull if you read this, don’t be afraid to jump on the bandwagon and go bi-partisan!

I’m back now there’s another election!

May 28, 2016

It seems my blog has been neglected since the last election! Abbott swept the Liberal party to victory and brought the Nationals with him. The Nationals have lost out big time, with the disastrous reconfiguration of our National Broadband Network NBN being turned into a minor upgrade to the infrastructure that powers our old copper network.

Australia is a different place now, with an un-elected leader PM Turnbull, who himself has changed vastly since the old days of being a rich idealistic lefty, to a rich idealistic populist who’s forgotten his past.

Now there is a new election upon us, so I’m back. My next post is about Asylum Seekers and specifically how they affect the Labor party in Australia, and how its leader Bill Shorten can change the path of history – if he chooses to.

While I’ve neglected this blog I have not neglected Twitter, as @james00000001  is still alive and well (that’s James One, occupying the first bit in a byte: seven zeros and a one).

Interesting times

March 4, 2014

Avoid eating sugar and fatty food

Collateral damage may save Labor

June 27, 2013

The great leader Julia Gillard is now gone. With this loss comes something good: the removal of four serious problems for Labor.

  1. Julia Gillard: The Carbon Tax “broken promise”.
  2. Wayne Swan: Saved Australia from the GFC but completely failed to explain how he achieved it; totally failed surplus.
  3. Peter Garret: Pink batts began the downward spiral and enabled some to think of Labor as a joke.
  4. Stephen Conroy: Alienated every geek in the country by trying to sensor Internet; ran out of steam with NBN.

Politically this collateral damage to Labor may well save Labor.

The NBN may now stand a chance as it can now shine, in contrast to the pathetic broadband that he allowed Malcolm Turnbull to sell as a cheaper NBN when it is merely a one-off minor upgrade we would have received without #NBN.

Labor may claw back some economic credentials, may claw back some credibility, and will certainly give confidence to workers who remembered Kevin Rudd saving them from Work Choices.