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Android phone fun

May 25, 2011

I finally posess an Android phone (made by Huawei) and I downloaded a few apps and am having a lot of fun with it. It has Android 2.2 Froyo and this is quite highly evolved, with great basic functionality.

My friend said to make sure to secure it with SeekDroid by GTMedia, so I paid USD1 and setup an account, so now I can reset the software on the phone remotely if anyone steals it.

So far I’m mostly buying everything, since the apps I’m searching for are core functionality for my phone and I want the absolute best. Also I don’t mind paying a dollar or two to a developer if the app is awesome or is exactly what I need.

Other things I installed:

  • Battery Notifier Pro BT by Shkil/larryvgs, so I could customize the battery display and tell it not to nag me with notifications about it in the middle of the night.
  • TapeMachine by Samalyse, is a nicely featured audio recorder with gain control and editing functions that are easy to use. The sound quality is as good as possible on my hissy phone. A feature I’d really like the author to consider is noise reduction. I would like both real-time during capture, or an effect to apply noise reduction to something I’ve captured. A major problem I found (with my Huawei anyway) is the recording is ruined if a call comes while recording. During the call nothing records, but after the call the track begins overwriting from the beginning, so you must quickly stop recording! You MUST use Airplane Mode so that calls are not received while recording. The software can import recordings from other apps, such as the one below.
  • ClearRecord by Ittiam Systems, I bought this for the noise reduction it does in real time. The recordings sound slightly less loud than TapeMachine because it doesn’t have a gain control, but the noise reduction option really does remove the hiss that is inherent in my phone. I think the quality is quite good but is only available at 16KHz sample rate. The program is very simple and can also record at 44.1KHz Music Mode without noise reduction. It can play back at different speeds without pitch being affected, but it cannot open files from other folders.
  • Uloops Studio Liteby Uloops labs. I downloaded the free version because I’m not a musician but this app is full-on amazing to play with. The paid one provides more recording space on their server, etc. It says something about noise reduction but I’m not sure how to access that feature and whether I can use it to post process .wav files.After using Uloops I attempted to use the audio recording apps, but the audio system said it is in use by another app. I restarted the phone but maybe could have used “force stop” af an app before running the other one. (Phone settings > Applications > Manage Applications, Running applications)
  • Calendar Pad Pro by MoaiApps (they are Japanese) recommended by a friend because it can show my Gmail calendar with event text in place, rather than just a blob saying something is happening.
  • ElectroDroid (Donate) by Demisoft is the non-free version of this amazing database of electronics and other techie information. Every geek needs this in their pocket. I bought it just to support them. They also have a PICmicro Database app for Android which allows you to checck the characteristics of all PIC and dsPIC microcontrollers produced by Microchip. I haven’t looked at the PIC one yet. It can be standalone, but apparently it also becomes visible within ElectroDroid’s resources tab.
  • Unit Converter Plus by Wopnersoft was the best converter app I could find. It needs Internet access for currency conversion (I think free one may not use Internet). It converts pretty well everything, even radioactivity!. Includes simple calculator and tip calculator.
  • SF Soul Food Restaurants by RaFieldsjr lists restaurants in the San Francisco bay area that feature SOUL FOOD. It is a simle app that links the location of each restaurant to google maps. The value of this app is in the list of restaurants and presumably the app developer will keep the list fresh. Reason for download: my friend Awia is researching soul food made by African Americans and their traditions and memories. I will blog about this soon, see for more info about the trip to USA and the soul food book. Awia will be visiting SF as part of the trip.
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