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Carbon Tax or Crazy?

June 18, 2011

Last week at the pro carbon tax rally I was handed an anti carbon tax flyer. This didn’t bother me, until I read it. The text contained two articles, each a personal attack on someone, and both written in pseudo-science. Honestly, it wouldn’t matter whether I believed our wasteful ways are leading to a greenhouse effect on this planet or not, the text amazed me at its lack of substance.

I just don’t know where this is coming from, it doesn’t make sense. Why do people invent rubbish like that? One article explained in great detail that the Earth is bombarded by cosmic radiation which is collected by the biosphere and converts to free energy. Therefore, it concludes, we should not waste billions of dollars to research global warming. Not convincing me.

Another article said the carbon tax TV ads are sponsored by a Nazi. OK so even if Hitler supported a carbon tax, does this make the tax bad for Australia? Does this somehow replace all known scientific knowledge about global warming?

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