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Canon G12 Shuts Down (due to foolish user…)

September 8, 2011

Yesterday someone searched Google for “canon g12 shuts down” and hit my blog article: “Choosing the Canon PowerShot G12 vs S95 and Everything Else”. It reminded me of something that happened to my G12 when out field testing a 3rd party (cheap) filter extender tube a few weeks ago. The tube attaches to the front of the camera with a bayonette fitting, and it comes in two parts. Adding the two parts makes it longer.

I fitted the tube, and only used one of them so it was in short mode. Then I fitted the CPL (circular polarizer filter) to the front. Walking around at a pro-Carbon tax rally I activated the zoom control and suddenly the G12 freaked out and gave a lens error and shut down!! I thought I’d bought a lemon! The lens retracted during the shutdown, effectively zooming out. Anyway I fired it back up and kept wandering. Zoomed again and damn! it died again!

Then I realised what was happening. The lens was extending out and hitting the inside of the expensive CPL filter! The very well designed Canon G12 camera sensed the obstruction and retracted and shut down. To my relief, the precious filter was not scratched and the camera was not damaged.

Very impressed with the G12’s resilience. Now I use the full length tube with the filter, and I haven’t had any more unexpected G12 shut downs!

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