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Coalition Radicalised Electorate Against Carbon Tax

September 30, 2011

Five or six years ago, fears of human contribution to climate change were widespread. Many conservative voters felt something needed to be done to reduce our carbon emissions and reduce pollution and become more sustainable. Malcolm Turnbull was a popular figure and the feeling in the community was that partisan change would allow Australia to take action to switch to renewable power sources.

But dark forces in the Liberal party decided the coalition would not support any such moves, and in fact would undermine any changes because they believe humans don’t actually have any impact on climate change. The negative “no no no” campaign was born.

For DJ’s on AM radio, this was a dream come true. A conservative leadership so far to the right that it aligned completely with their extreme views. The tabloids were in heaven because now their opinion pages could be reported like news.

The conservative electorate suddenly realised they really weren’t sure if this climate change was real or not, especially if they had to pay extra for energy! Make someone pay for something they don’t truly believe in and they will react badly. So the “no carbon tax” message was an easy sell.

In come the radicals, the “skeptics” . The Lord from England arrives to “disprove the science” and people lap it up. The simple explanations seem believable and therefore all the “climate scientists” must just be telling lies to get funding.

Conservative voters who previously believed the scientists now seek guidance from higher places and let themselves believe in the skeptics. Deep down, some of them know there is some risk of climate change, but they don’t think anything Australia can contribute is worth thinking about.

The fundamentalism grows and now radical right wing Andrew Bolt is found guilty of racial discrimination. This feels like a threat against free speech so George Brandis comes in hot and strong in support of Bolt, effectively giving license to any redneck racist arguments about racist comments.

What is next, I wonder? The electorate is so primed for conservative change. Boat People are “bad” again. Safe injection rooms, are they “bad”?. Vaccination is “bad”. Flood levies are “bad”. Tax is “bad”. Government is “bad”. Are police “bad”? Do we say NO to all authority? Are we such a nanny state that we really need to unwind all our laws and start again?

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