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Is Carbon Tax Really Bad?

October 1, 2011

A market based mechanism to price carbon seemed like a good idea, even to Tony Abbott, so what went wrong? The opponents of Gillard’s Carbon Tax will say “implementation!”, followed quickly by “why do the small people have to pay?” followed by “it is the worst time” followed by “we should not do this alone”. But do any of these feelings actually oppose a mechanism to price carbon? NO!

Most people have good hearts and most people want what is right for this country. Nick Minchin and then Tony Abbott have driven the conservative media and succeeded in convincing the electorate that this tax is all things bad. They’ve made people forget why we even considered such a tax in the first place. We’ve forgotten why even Tony Abbott considered a carbon tax.

Julia Gillard may have screwed up the politics of the carbon tax, but the implementation is superb. Sure, criticize it all day long. Pretend it will lose jobs when it will create many more jobs than will be lost. Pretend the coal industry will collapse, when in fact we’ll keep exporting coal at capacity. Pretend masses of money will flow out of the country when in fact masses times masses will be retained in the country; more money retained means more money for our economy. Pretend the United Nations big bad wolf will take 10% of the gross tax collection.

The fact is, there is no better implementation available, nor better time to do it. This tax will achieve what it set out to achieve. Conservatives simply do not want to pay any Labor promoted tax, simple. Conservative media will tell you that Australian business will collapse due to small percentage increases in costs, that are way smaller than the increases they’ve had this year. Remember folks, the carbon tax isn’t active yet, your costs are going up tax or no tax.

Conservatives will tell you a price on carbon will have no benefit for the environment. Well that’s an interesting perspective to deny outright facts. If a car travels at 100 Kmph and hits a wall, it will probably kill the occupants. You could argue they won’t be killed, but the facts are pretty plain. Keep arguing, but do feel some responsibility if someone takes your argument at face value and blindly drives into a wall.

Conservatives will scour the world for a failed renewable energy project and interpolate the entire future of Australia’s promising renewable energy industry. All forms of renewable energy production are immature, and none have made critical mass. The renewable energy technology race has begun in earnest and it WILL FLOURISH. The technology will continue to improve and will become more cost effective, more sustainable and will eventually supply base load. Believe it or not, Australia is well positioned to take advantage of this “renewable energy future”, provided we act now and permit the fledgling industry to flourish here.

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