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Dear Conservatives, The Earth’s Resources Are Like a Bank Account

October 3, 2011

The conservative side of human nature is to save for the future and grow strong to protect your family. Conservative virtues are the greatest virtues; without the desire to grow and protect, where would we be? We’d be in the stone age, caution would be thrown to the wind and civilization would be primitive.

Throw in the virtue of progress. Take a carefully calculated risk and something beautiful and new can come out of the experience. When mistakes are made, learn from those mistakes and factor them into the next calculated risk.

Save money and keep debt low. Saving for the future is very important and making the right spending choice equally important. If a small expenditure can achieve a meaningful outcome, then spend the money. If the outcome is important enough, borrow money and come up with a plan to pay that money back.

Burning fossil fuel is like spending money. Developing ways to reduce fuel consumption, or make the same fuel go further, is like saving money. But this only makes sense if you have a long term caring view of planet Earth. If your view is less than 15 years, enough fuel will be available cheaply, and this perspective will not make sense. If your view goes beyond your current mortgage term, or beyond the point where you are “financially independent”, then you will see a benefit in conservation. You will care about the planet you’re leaving behind. You’ll care about the planet your grand children will inherit.

So why not consider renewable energy? Renewable energy requires less fuel inputs and more renewable inputs such as sun, wind, wave, and geothermal heat. Like all energy production, renewable energy requires capital materials and ongoing materials and workers, so it is not “free” but it takes less from the Earth’s limited fuel bank. Renewable energy currently costs more than burning fuel because the technology is immature and the production costs require more workers per Gigawatt of production.

As renewable energy production processes mature, costs will come down, and energy output will increase. Earth’s limited fuel bank will have less withdrawals and more jobs will be created. Our kids will inherit a good portfolio and will appreciate their parents less reckless use of fuel.

Be conservative with our planet as well as your own fiscal portfolio. Think of Mother Earth as part of your family.

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