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Claims Of Job Losses Due To Carbon Tax Are Fiction From Biased Sources

October 12, 2011

Well it is time to celebrate the ALP Government for their fine work in introducing this vital tax reform to price carbon. While I’m out partying tonight, the people who don’t care to discover why this tax reform is necessary will continue to wonder. Why has all this hard work been done? One AULiberal guesses it’s because Julia Gillard wants to ‘look good’. What sort of remark is that? Vanity is the last thing on the Prime Minister’s mind!

Tony Abbott says this is “a black day for democracy”, however I see a hard working Government building Australia’s future. If the constitution has been violated, let Tony Abbott speak.

AULiberals say that Australia ‘only’ contributes to 1.4% of global emissions. Is that acceptable? We don’t have the largest population, so somehow this means we’re OK to just go ahead and pollute more than every other mammal on the planet? What planet are our conservatives living on? A very self-centered one!

AULiberals want the start date of the carbon tax to commence after the next election. The reasons for their wish are:

1. A repeal of the tax will still be a possibility, but without the delay it won’t be possible politically.
2. The sky won’t fall in and suddenly people will understand this tax is a good reform. The FUD factor will fade away and the conservative bully tactics will falter.

AULiberals claim the carbon tax will destroy jobs and employment as we know it in Australia. This fantasy position is fueled by biased sources who simply have a hard line conservative view. Industry in Australia is certainly under pressure, and some businesses are failing. This is happening right now. This has been happening ever since the Australian Dollar became over valued.

Australian retail is under pressure and some retailers are failing. This is happening right now, and is due to enormous rents that blew out during the prosperity of the Australia prior to the GFC. Read my article on this boom, which was completely mismanaged by John Howard and Peter Costello.

These fundamental industrial problems exist due to changing world economic and trading conditions and a carbon tax will have very little impact on them. Any tax reform will impact the market and some will affect different groups in different ways. The fundamentals of this tax reform does not negatively impact the overall number of jobs in Austria, in fact, there will be a boom in jobs.

The time for Australia to innovate is now!
This time is for innovation. The most important part of this tax reform is to encourage new Australian technologies and industries. New industries that are not struggling to be relevant, but are thriving, expanding businesses. Just remember this, renewable energy requires more jobs per GW of power generated.

Does this mean renewable energy generators are less efficient, as falsely claimed by conservative media? No, because there is one less, but very important INPUT not required for the renewable generator: no fuel is required. Fuel costs money! A generator that runs on people power creates more permanent jobs, creates more flow-on industries, and creates less pollution! Sounds like magic? Do some googling and educate yourself. Remember that jobs in the renewable energy projects are spread across the nation and therefore spread out the wealth, which is a very important antidote to the 2-tier economy we now face.

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  1. October 12, 2011 8:02 pm

    Spot on. Unfortunately, this kind of reasoned argument is damned hard to find it much of the media. We’re kicking against the pricks, keep it up!

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