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God Save The Queen + Julia Gillard

October 18, 2011



The Queen is visiting Canberra tomorrow, and Floriade has being revamped for the occasion. All the dead and wilting flowers have been removed, and the gardens look beautiful and renewed. This week the same can be said about Julia Gillard, our Prime Minister. Things are looking very positive, with the worst behind, and the PM looking strong and beautiful. The Carbon Tax is inevitable and we can now get on with onshore processing of asylum seekers. No more prison camps on Nauru.

Like a decade ago when John Howard cleverly manipulated the electorate to sink any chances of Australia becoming a republic, Julia Gillard has cleverly set a course that suits Labor voters nicely, while partially appeasing the rednecks with threats of sending the boats to Malaysia. Rednecks only dislike the Malaysia deal because it involved in bringing 4000 vindicated refugees to Australia, and the they couldn’t envisage the deal being extended. But secretly they loved the idea of flinging the boats even further away from Australia.

The flowers are blooming and I’m feeling happy. This is really a great week. God save the Queen!

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