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OccupyMelbourne Arrests Premature and Immoral

October 22, 2011

The right to peaceful protest is an Australian tradition and right and this makes me proud to be Australian. The example set by Melbourne Council and the Victorian Police yesterday was not healthy or helpful. The move felt oppressive and premature.

The protest has not yet run its course and has not reached the outcomes desired by the people. The Occupy Wall Street movement is looking for outcomes. Those outcomes have not yet eventuated. This is because the protest has not yet run its course. Governments have not yet reacted with promises to help bring equality back to the people. Governments have not opened a dialog with the protesters or the banks.

How will outcomes eventuate when there is no discussion, but just mere bullying by using Police as a tool to disrespectfully disrupt the protest? How will Government learn the message of the protesters when the confrontational fallout dominates the media? Will using police to bully the protesters create a new undercurrent of disrespect for the police? Will radical groups form in Australia?

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