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Beware Of Advice For Occupy Protesters!

October 23, 2011

#OccupyNewYork is a new movement. The movement started with a simple message to say we’ve had enough of big financial institutions and CEO’s being protected while the rest of us suffer and become poorer.

The movement opens a discussion and presents many opportunities for change. But what is that discussion and what is the desired change? The world is watching and waiting for some sort of cohesive message. Journalists are interviewing individual protesters and are hearing mixed messages.

Along come the opportunists. They join the protesters, agree with the original Occupy message, and then offer answers to the problems. Since the Occupy messaging is still in conception, protesters can easily adopt the agenda of the opportunists, and start fighting someone else’s fight. Occupy is not about confrontation or world government or climate change. The movement is trying to open a dialog for change of society so that we can all have a fair go.

Some may be tempted to make enemies of the 1% or the government. This won’t work because these are the very groups you’re trying to influence. Your enemy is not the Government and certainly not the Police!

Your opportunity is dialog. For the first time in history, you can have a say, while the world is listening. The challenge is to evolve this dialog to the point where real change can take place. This will take a long time. This will require long occupations. This will take focus. Be careful not to take on agendas from opportunists.

You need to demand attention. Use the media to express your views and explain to them that you are not going anywhere until the institutions and governments demonstrate a will to change. The message is still simple, but the dialog of change is complex and challenging. Good luck and stay focused and you will succeed!

This article feels rather ironic considering its title… 🙂

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