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Mother Nature Shattered To Learn Primary Reason Why Parents Choose SUV’s

December 10, 2011

I always imagined the choice of SUV’s for young families was to provide extra protection for their precious children. In my own group of friends, pretty well 100% of them upgraded their cars to new SUV’s as soon as their first child was born. This is the obvious flow of the “baby bonus” $5400 payment they all received.

I also assumed they had secondary reasons for choosing an SUV that justified the expense in initial purchase and running costs as well as the heavy environmental impact of such a vehicle.

My assumed reasons:
1. The primary reason was for increased safety
2. For a secondary reason: prestige and aspiration
3. I thought seeing over the top of everyone else was the third reason
4. I thought dreaming of off road adventures was the fourth reason.

But no, today I learned the primary reason, described passionately by a listener of “By Design” on Radio National. The reason is simple mechanics: the parents do not need to bend over in the act of securing their child into the safety harnesses!

How tragic for mother nature is this? The planet is downtrodden by millions of huge fuel guzzling beasts, just so that parents can secure their offspring in comfort!

Car makers: PLEASE DESIGN A SEDAN WITH HIGH SEAT MOUNTS! Or maybe knee rests, or maybe a crane to lower the parents comfortably. Surely there is a mechanical solution that doesn’t involve multiplying the size of the entire vehicle by 2, just to help parents secure their kids more comfortably!

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