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Plea to Gina Rinehart; for the benefit of all Australians

February 5, 2012

Dear Gina, you are one of the greatest industrialists in history, rivaling or exceeding the likes of Packer, Murdoch, Forrester, Stokes.

Your father would be proud of your stellar performance; you’ve proven yourself countless times to make the right decisions and build your empire to the greatest in this land…

Now it’s time to take a look at your life from a distance and consider what to do with all of your wealth. Think about setting up or contributing to something like the Gates Foundation. Think about Australia as a whole, not just as a platform for mining enterprises.

Examine the thinking behind the minerals resource rent tax and the C02 taxes. Why did Henry think of taxing miners? Is it really just Julia Gillard grabbing money so she can spend it? Or is there a greater good for all Australians?

Australia is performing very well on the world stage due to mining, however this is driving up the Australian Dollar and making us less competitive. Think of Japan’s strong Yen and how it has so held them back.

Henry realized that the taxes will help moderate the exchange rate and will help to retain wealth in Australia so we can withstand a downturn in commodity prices. This will help all Australians, and if you start thinking like an Australian rather than a mining baron, you will be hero not villain.

Now you’re investing in media, why not also invest in the manufacturing industry or retail? These are the big employers, affecting the most Australians. Don’t view everyday Australians as your competition. Work with us and befriend us rather than trying to brainwash us.

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