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The REAL Julia-Alan-Tony?

October 1, 2012

We now know the Real Julia Gillard. We now know the Real Alan Jones. But who is the Real Tony Abbott?

We know Tony Abbott is all about being the inverse, a negation of anything ALP, but that will disappear along with the ALP if he wins government. What will he become?

Think back to the Howard years. Who was Tony Abbott then? Was he known more as the Mad Monk, or as the Minister for Health?

John Howard and Peter Costello were a terrific team. Their differences worked well together and their middle class welfare hit the spot with the voters. Their tax reforms worked, even when many small businesses were quietly crushed by the red tape of the early GST years. Even their poor social policies were accepted since most voters were in awe of them as leaders and accepted everything on face value.

Meanwhile Tony Abbott beavered away in the background having only nil or negative impact. As Tony Abbott and many of his peers became known to many voters, they did not like what they saw. There was no improvement in health reform or any other portfolio. The LNP was going off and the ALP was picking up.

A few years later when the opposition leadership spill favoured Tony Abbott, many could not believe this guy could succeed. But his super-negativity worked. Many voters missed the old Howard/Costello partnership and resented the ALP for taking it away. Anti-ALP worked, and Tony Abbott’s bullying tactics worked.

A LNP party run by Tony Abbott and Barnaby Joyce will certainly be a different LNP to the Howard/Costello LNP. If you like listening to Alan Jones you’ll probably like an Abbott/Joyce government.

The rest of us will suffer and the renewable energy industry will suffer. Education will suffer. Manufacturers and exporters will suffer. NBN will suffer. Workers will suffer. The only beneficiaries will be mining and dirty power, and Tony Abbott.

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