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Renewable energy RUNS ON JOBS, not fossil fuel

June 23, 2013

Renewable energy produces MORE JOBS since it is powered by manufacturing and maintenance jobs, not fossil fuel. Yes that’s right. It takes humans to steer it. To build it, to harness the natural energy. The main cost of renewable energy is wages, not fuel, think about it (JOBS!).

Throwing away the “carbon tax” because you fear immigration, you fear progress, and you fear infrastructure spending, will trow jobs away with the bath water. Yes, rescinding the carbon tax won’t bring you wealth, or even save money, and it WON’T MAKE AUSTRALIA MORE COMPETITIVE. It will throw away tens of thousands of new energy jobs, and will further damage the already struggling manufacturing industry.

Yes, Australia has designers, engineers, talented people who do stuff. Scientists, doctors, researchers, data analysts, brilliant software developers, hardware developers, technicians, trades. People who make things. People who design things. We’re not all about mining or banking or teaching or healing, all acknowledged as high profile essential parts of Australia, we do lots more.

Australia is an *industrialised* country. Our industries kick serious ass on a world scale and shouldn’t be written off as a lost cause. Don’t give up on our auto industry. Protect it so it stays – yes, even if it seems like a waste of money, it is not. Who is Abbott to just give up on Holden and Ford, because the voters who don’t give a toss have given up on it due to their own apathy?

The great majority of jobs lost from losing the auto industry are not in the auto industry, they are the suppliers, the bankers, the small businesses, the retailers. Don’t kick our renewable and auto industries while they are down, even if your conservative radio DJ or newspaper tells you to. Spending money is not wasting money. Exporting money is.

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