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Collateral damage may save Labor

June 27, 2013

The great leader Julia Gillard is now gone. With this loss comes something good: the removal of four serious problems for Labor.

  1. Julia Gillard: The Carbon Tax “broken promise”.
  2. Wayne Swan: Saved Australia from the GFC but completely failed to explain how he achieved it; totally failed surplus.
  3. Peter Garret: Pink batts began the downward spiral and enabled some to think of Labor as a joke.
  4. Stephen Conroy: Alienated every geek in the country by trying to sensor Internet; ran out of steam with NBN.

Politically this collateral damage to Labor may well save Labor.

The NBN may now stand a chance as it can now shine, in contrast to the pathetic broadband that he allowed Malcolm Turnbull to sell as a cheaper NBN when it is merely a one-off minor upgrade we would have received without #NBN.

Labor may claw back some economic credentials, may claw back some credibility, and will certainly give confidence to workers who remembered Kevin Rudd saving them from Work Choices.

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