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I’m back now there’s another election!

May 28, 2016

It seems my blog has been neglected since the last election! Abbott swept the Liberal party to victory and brought the Nationals with him. The Nationals have lost out big time, with the disastrous reconfiguration of our National Broadband Network NBN being turned into a minor upgrade to the infrastructure that powers our old copper network.

Australia is a different place now, with an un-elected leader PM Turnbull, who himself has changed vastly since the old days of being a rich idealistic lefty, to a rich idealistic populist who’s forgotten his past.

Now there is a new election upon us, so I’m back. My next post is about Asylum Seekers and specifically how they affect the Labor party in Australia, and how its leader Bill Shorten can change the path of history – if he chooses to.

While I’ve neglected this blog I have not neglected Twitter, as @james00000001  is still alive and well (that’s James One, occupying the first bit in a byte: seven zeros and a one).

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