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Religious Intolerance and our Right Wing Media

June 7, 2016

My colleague opened up to me yesterday with a rare rant about politics. She was very fired up and seemed to want to lecture me about how our media is biased towards Labor and how Labor wastes so much money so we need to vote for Turnbull.

So I let her rant. She’s middle aged and generally a very nice lady so I thought to myself: now this is interesting, I wonder how someone who seems to have compassion has suddenly embraced right wing politics?

She said that all of the radio stations are biased towards Labor except for 2UE (or 2GB?) and that Alan Jones is terrific because he stands for what he believes in and doesn’t like the CSG.

It’s clear that her media influence is very much on the right, since she made blanket statements that Labor wastes money and the Liberal doesn’t. So I probed for views on other issues. I said I’ve heard that Pauline Hanson is making a come back. At this point my colleague took over.

She passionately explained to me that entire new areas are being created by developers that are aimed at Muslims, with mosques as a feature and that this is leading to ghettos in Western Sydney. She informed me that she’s not religiously intolerance but this is a Christian country and other religions can’t come to Australia and expect to have the same rights as Christians. It’s just not right. Okaaaaaay…

She told me how dangerous it is to let Muslims into this country because they don’t have the same values as us. We’re a Christian country apparently.

Then she told me that the teachers are brainwashing the kids with mis information. That all of the Labor Prime Ministers like Whitlam are taught in great detail and are put on a pedestal, while the Liberal ones like Downer are ignored. Apparently this is why all of our kids leave school and vote Labor.

Then she ranted on about how Turnbull is better than Shorten blah blah blah.

But for me this all returns to the question: how did my colleague swing so far right? What was the issue that made her pick her side and reinforce her views so strongly? The primary driver seems to be her religious intolerance and specifically her fear of Muslims. It seems that any media outlets that express strong views against Muslims are to be believed and all others are Labor biased liars.

No wonder our country is becoming so screwed!

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