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Polling closes – Australia Decides!

July 2, 2016

Finally it’s 6 PM on the 2nd of July, 2016, and we’ve all voted! We all know Turnbull is the favourite, but what if he retains less seats than Abbott? Is that really a win worth celebrating?

Anyway while all that campaigning was going on, I ran my own polls. Here are the results!


What will clinch this election.jpg

Pictured above, my first poll asked What will clinch this election? I was somewhat pleased that Shorten’s worker’s rights was way ahead, since other issues were receiving much more publicity in this campaign and Industrial Relations was barely mentioned.


What will clinch this election mk2 15-June.jpg

The first poll didn’t give LNP (Liberal/National coalition) a chance so this time I asked whether it was tax or programs/policies that influenced and once again the outcome favoured Labor.

My followers are dominated by Labor and Greens voters so this is not surprising. But what is surprising this election cycle is how many Liberal/National voters have given up on Twitter, presumably because their arguments don’t hold water when scrutinised but all and sundry on Twitter!


How is NBN.jpg

LNP voters didn’t seem to be responding so this poll challenged them for an answer. I few people said they vote Labor but may they vote (yes, of course!) but maybe, just maybe a few actual LNP voters actually voted! Only ONE person was happy with NBN, all these years later! It is certainly not rolled out to many yet!


shorten turbo 23 June.jpg

Has Bill Shorten gone turbo with high energy and passion? Yep.


joyous party20 june.jpg

Tonight’s the night for a joyous party, if Tony Windsor wins the seat from a sitting deputy PM Joyce! A couple of people didn’t agree but 99 did!


did morrisons secrecy rule 26 Jun.jpg

First of two of my personal favourite polls I ran. Did Scott Morrison’s secrecy rules make conditions worse for the asylum seekers in our “care”? 68 said Yes, 2 hadn’t heard about it and 2 didn’t care.


has shortens honesty 30 june.jpg

Second of two of my personal favrouite polls. Bill Shorten laid it down. He revealed his costings. He gave enough time for analysis. He gave enough time for criticism. Politically maybe it was a mistake, but that raised Shorten above the competition and the media.

Turnbull used it to compare against loose costings that he’ll never achieve, just to carry on the old mantra that Labor spends more and builds debt, right after Turnbull ran a government that hugely increased our deficit and debt.

The poll also examines the optimism or pessimism about whether this was a good move, i.e. it was dangerous, but it was the right thing to do, so the optimists win and bet that honestly will indeed prevail over the long term. Shorten may not win tonight, but his plan certainly would have worked for Australia if it had been given the chance. But here’s hoping he does win and gets to prove himself!


medicare 2-July.jpg

Last but not least! The media is fact checking and claims the Medicare privatisation threat is a Bill Shorten fantasy, in fact they’re labeling it an outright lie. This boils down to the definition of the word. After all, are we talking about LNP’s favourite thing? Are we talking about floating Medicare on the stock market?

NO. Bill Shorten started this conversation and he’s not talking about selling the damn thing. It’s a PUBLIC health system paid for by our taxes!

So I’ve asked my followers, Is Turnbull privatising Medicare? The poll is still running so you’ll have to keep an eye out on the results. But so far 29 out of 30 believe Turnbull will do what can only be described as privatisation to our public health system, pushing up the prices of going to the GP, making drugs cost more, making tests cost more.

Good luck sick people if Turnbull prevails tonight, because you’ll need it!

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