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Bill Shorten Courage Led ALP Comeback

July 3, 2016

Last week Bill Shorten did something outrageous. So outrageous in fact, that even rusted on Labor supporters felt he’d overreached. Bill Shorten chose a word that is intimate and singular in meaning to Liberal/National members and voters: PRIVATISATION.

LNP loves privatisation. To them it means selling a public asset like Telecom and floating it on the stockmarket as Telstra. They had 3 cracks at that. So the mention of privatation for them means just one thing: floating on the ASX.

So Shorten cleverly took this stalwart and recast it as any erosion to a public enterprise. Medicare is a PUBLIC enterprise and therefore you may go to the doctor and pay nothing for a bulk billed visit. If LNP policy causes your doctor to charge you, by sending a price signal, then Medicare is being privatised. Clever!

On June 17, Shorten made the powerful statement: “…save Medicare from being privatised, Amemricanised and destroyed”. This struck a cord, and to take this further took great courage.

Will the media claim Shorten is lying because PM Turnbull said he wouldn’t “privatise” Medicare? YES. Will this backfire on Labor? Most likely? Does Shorten have the courage to try it anyway? YES.

So we’ve had the election and still many are calling Shorten a liar. Get over it folks, he’s not expecting Turnbull to sell the whole of Medicare on the ASX. Who’d buy shares in that anyway?

I’m running one last election survey:
Will Malcolm Turnbull deliver the stable government as promised?
You have 12 hours to fill it in as it closes tonight 10:46 PM – 03 Jul 2016. Please have your say!


twitter survey will turnbull 2-July.jpg

So far it’s half way through and a couple of people think Turnbull with the support of Pauline Hanson’s newly gained 2 seats will be able to deliver stable government. And one for the Xenophon party. But many think if Turnbull wins government it will be a disaster!

Overriding everything else, 61% of respondents so far simply think that Turnbull is a goose! Honk Honk!


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