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Renewable energy RUNS ON JOBS, not fossil fuel

June 23, 2013

Renewable energy produces MORE JOBS since it is powered by manufacturing and maintenance jobs, not fossil fuel. Yes that’s right. It takes humans to steer it. To build it, to harness the natural energy. The main cost of renewable energy is wages, not fuel, think about it (JOBS!).

Throwing away the “carbon tax” because you fear immigration, you fear progress, and you fear infrastructure spending, will trow jobs away with the bath water. Yes, rescinding the carbon tax won’t bring you wealth, or even save money, and it WON’T MAKE AUSTRALIA MORE COMPETITIVE. It will throw away tens of thousands of new energy jobs, and will further damage the already struggling manufacturing industry.

Yes, Australia has designers, engineers, talented people who do stuff. Scientists, doctors, researchers, data analysts, brilliant software developers, hardware developers, technicians, trades. People who make things. People who design things. We’re not all about mining or banking or teaching or healing, all acknowledged as high profile essential parts of Australia, we do lots more.

Australia is an *industrialised* country. Our industries kick serious ass on a world scale and shouldn’t be written off as a lost cause. Don’t give up on our auto industry. Protect it so it stays – yes, even if it seems like a waste of money, it is not. Who is Abbott to just give up on Holden and Ford, because the voters who don’t give a toss have given up on it due to their own apathy?

The great majority of jobs lost from losing the auto industry are not in the auto industry, they are the suppliers, the bankers, the small businesses, the retailers. Don’t kick our renewable and auto industries while they are down, even if your conservative radio DJ or newspaper tells you to. Spending money is not wasting money. Exporting money is.


Will Abbott Burst The Real Estate Bubble?

June 8, 2013

Let’s make a huge assumption: The Coalition has a massive majority victory and Tony Abbott takes control of Australia.

There is dancing in the street and happy consumer investors buy up big in the auction rooms and we hit property highs.

But what will happen next? Abbott is promising to curb spending and stop the boats. He’ll stop the carbon tax and de-fund renewable energy and soften manufacturing. He’ll slow down spending on the NBN and curb anything that draws criticism by the media.

How will this impact on the value of real estate?

As we’re all told: By the end of 2013 Australia will have been riding on 22 years of uninterrupted growth. Increasing mineral prices plus increasing export volumes, drawing more and more export dollars even despite the stronger AUD. We’ve also had an immigration boom. We have “boat people” (asylum seekers), migration and working visas all increasing in numbers.

What happens when all of this goes in reverse at once? Less immigration = less housing demand. Slowing economy, public servants being let go, government programs stopped = lower prices.

Once our omnipresent confidence in ever increasing house/home unit prices rolls off, real estate speculation disappears and the bubble is finally burst.

This will be terrific for new entrants to the housing market, but I’m not sure if that is what the majority of Coalition voters really bargained for.

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The REAL Julia-Alan-Tony?

October 1, 2012

We now know the Real Julia Gillard. We now know the Real Alan Jones. But who is the Real Tony Abbott?

We know Tony Abbott is all about being the inverse, a negation of anything ALP, but that will disappear along with the ALP if he wins government. What will he become?

Think back to the Howard years. Who was Tony Abbott then? Was he known more as the Mad Monk, or as the Minister for Health?

John Howard and Peter Costello were a terrific team. Their differences worked well together and their middle class welfare hit the spot with the voters. Their tax reforms worked, even when many small businesses were quietly crushed by the red tape of the early GST years. Even their poor social policies were accepted since most voters were in awe of them as leaders and accepted everything on face value.

Meanwhile Tony Abbott beavered away in the background having only nil or negative impact. As Tony Abbott and many of his peers became known to many voters, they did not like what they saw. There was no improvement in health reform or any other portfolio. The LNP was going off and the ALP was picking up.

A few years later when the opposition leadership spill favoured Tony Abbott, many could not believe this guy could succeed. But his super-negativity worked. Many voters missed the old Howard/Costello partnership and resented the ALP for taking it away. Anti-ALP worked, and Tony Abbott’s bullying tactics worked.

A LNP party run by Tony Abbott and Barnaby Joyce will certainly be a different LNP to the Howard/Costello LNP. If you like listening to Alan Jones you’ll probably like an Abbott/Joyce government.

The rest of us will suffer and the renewable energy industry will suffer. Education will suffer. Manufacturers and exporters will suffer. NBN will suffer. Workers will suffer. The only beneficiaries will be mining and dirty power, and Tony Abbott.

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Is Our Society Turning Against Women’s Choice For Abortions?

August 18, 2012

A Christian friend who I highly respect blurted out the words: “I don’t get the Greens. On the one hand they want to protect animal species but then they support abortion so they’re destroying another species!” I said with amazement: you mean humans? She replied: Yes!

Well I was gobsmacked! This normally moderate and highly respected (by me) Christian is suddenly coming out with extreme statements. She wants to enforce her views on all women of Australia, to take away their right to choose whether to have an abortion or not. This is bullying to the extreme. Nanny state at its best. Government interfering with womens bodies.

If the Greens are out of place defending basic women’s rights, who will? Brand Labor is shattered right across Australia. Most of my colleagues have turned against all things Labor, even if the thing is sensible and the alternative thing is illogical.

The Greens earned power. Many women, minority groups, and those who care for the vulnerable, voted Green.

Are these the first signs of moderate Christians becoming extremists? In today’s climate, does it seem sensible and reasonable for the Government to be given extra powers to force women to have babies? Maybe it does. Maybe all this talk about “nanny state” by the conservatives against the Left is just a smoke screen for what is soon to come?

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Abbott Calls To Oust Craig Thompson A Slippery Slide To Dictatorship

May 25, 2012

The Dictator film portrays a dictator as a funny guy who’s selfishness wastes a bit of money but really doesn’t create misery for his people. The reality of dictatorship is much more serious and devastating.

Many aspects of our sophisticated political system are designed to prevent the aspirations of any potential dictators. Tony Abbott is very good at arguing against any government policy, which is clearly his job. But Abbott trying to influence a voted member of parliament to be ousted is putting personal gain above respect for the political system we all enjoy.

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Stop Government Income Management meeting this Saturday

May 22, 2012

(EDIT) This meeting has already happened

Got this from Stop Intervention, see below. Government initiatives like this just blow a huge hole in the self esteem of those poor souls subject to it…

Please circulate widely…

In Bankstown and Everywhere

Seminar for community and union members

Saturday May 26th @ 1pm to 3pm

Arab Council Australia, 194 Stacey Street near Bankstown station

From public sector workers in housing, child protection, Centrelink and schools, through the whole education and community sectors, the relationship between workers and their clients is set to be fundamentally changed by compulsory income management. It will take the increasingly punitive and discriminatory direction of social welfare policy in Australia to a whole new level.

Please join us for this important discussion of how community organisations and unionists can continue to work together to stop the imposition of income management and the damaging effects it will have on our communities and our jobs.


*Patricia Morton-Thomas, Aboriginal activist from Alice Springs living on the Basics Card

*Randa Kattan, Arab Council Australia

*Margaret Goneis, Bankstown Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Committee

*Gerard Thomas, National Welfare Rights Network

*Robin Croon and Sue Gillet, Public Service Association of NSW

*Rita Wilkinson, Australian Services Union and worker at Metro Migrant Resource Centre

*Melanie Fernandez, Finance Sector Union and Women’s Electoral League

*Paddy Gibson, Stop the Intervention Collective Sydney
Endorsers include: Say No to Government Income Management Coalition, Bankstown, Australian Services Union NSW & ACT Services Branch, Canterbury-Bankstown Teachers Federation, Public Service Association of NSW, the Maritime Union of Australia – Sydney Branch, SEARCH Foundation, Stop the Intervention Collective, Sydney.


The NT Intervention on Aboriginal communities was imposed by the Howard government in 2007 and continued by the Gillard Government. Now, new legislation is set to extend it for a further 10 years and to expand its authoritarian provisions for compulsory income management to communities across the country.

Bankstown, Sydney, is one of the five trial sites for national compulsory income management. What does this mean? From public sector workers in housing, child protection, Centrelink and schools, through the whole education and community sectors, the relationship between workers and their clients is set to be fundamentally changed by compulsory income management. It will take the increasingly punitive and discriminatory direction of social welfare policy in Australia to a whole new level.

Income Management will also impact adversely on refugee and humanitarian communities. Many feel survivor guilt and therefore “do without” so they can send money back to family in their countries of origin and in refugee camps. This act alone could trigger a ‘financially vulnerable’ label and an imposition of income management.

We need to continue organising to oppose the implementation of this policy. In July, Centrelink case officers will be instructed to place “vulnerable” welfare recipients in Bankstown on compulsory income management. Between 50% and 70% of welfare payments would be quarantined. The income managed money could be placed on a BASICS card, which can only be used in certain shops for certain products.

We believe that a successful campaign to stop this roll-out in Bankstown can play a vital role in undermining the policy on a national level.


Penny Howard 0402 355 205

Randa Kattan 9702 4333

The “Earth Hour debate” Says A Lot About You

April 1, 2012

Well we’ve had another Earth Hour, where we turn off the lights to celebrate our planet and remind each other about the effects of climate change. Every year the cynics brush off this celebration with arguments that one hour makes no difference and that we’re kidding ourselves and putting ourselves in danger of candle sparked fires.

The debate really illustrates people’s attitudes about a very simple concept. The debate is not about whether man contributes detrimentally to climate change. The debate is simply whether turning off the lights for one hour per year is worth doing.

The “makes no difference” proponents show a lack of care for our planet since they don’t even think the debate is worth the minimal effort of an hour of darkness.

Does it achieve anything? Does it directly lower C02 emissions enough to make a difference?

From a technical perspective I think we can safely say it achieves nothing. The increase in emissions is so large, that this small reduction will not reduce our chances of detrimental global warming.

From a psychological/marketing perspective, I think this is possibly the greatest, most successful campaign in history. The publicity is enormous. The debate is reignited each year. And the subject of debate is the planet itself.

Earth hour reminds us to take care of our precious planet not just for our own enjoyment but for the enjoyment of future generations of humans and other life on our planet.

Some non-supportive or comedic tweets:

* humour with some cynicism
Sin ‏ @insinuateme Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
For earth hour, I’m volunteering at my local hospital by unplugging all life support systems.

* defeatist views
pourmecoffee ‏ @pourmecoffee Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
Earth Hour 8:30 tonight. That’s when we turn out lights and continue to do nothing about existential threat to our planet, but in the dark.

homewrecker ‏ @WeLoveMiley Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
earth hour is for white people i’m not participating

Daniel Frisk ‏ @danfrisk Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
People turn off their lights for one hour, to save earth. It’s like holding your breath to prevent global warming. It does nothing.

* giving earth hour the bird
jack bear ‏ @cafbear Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
RT @gtwarrior47 How was your earth hour last night,mine was brilliantly illuminated

* comedian
Wendy Collins ‏ @miss_shiny Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
My local council participates in Earth Hour by not replacing street lights all year round.

stefan ‏ @boring_as_heck Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
my plans for tonight? im sitting in the dark and crying… yeah… for earth hour.. for earth… i love the earth.. totally…

Choco Pie ‏ @TheChickenPuff Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
Will the light at the end of the tunnel be switched off for earth hour? #ImportantKoshan

* purist
Blake Hounshell ‏ @blakehounshell Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
If you’re tweeting during Earth Hour, you’re not doing it right.

* think it doesn’t go far enough
Ram Gopal Varma ‏ @RGVzoomin Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
If ppl are truly nd really concerned about mother earth why don’t they ban electricity instead of doing stupid mandatory one hour cuts

* innovation
Philip DeFranco ‏ @PhillyD Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
I know @Youtube does the light switch thing for earth hour, but seriously make it a real feature. Its fantastic.

* thinks it creates unnecessary risk
Gerald D ‏ @gerald_d Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
Gas leak at Dubai Mall, and people are lighting candles for Earth Hour right about now. Nope. Nothing could go wrong there.

* philosopher
Madhavan Narayanan ‏ @madversity Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
Fasting and Earth Hour have same pupose: to sensitise you the preciousness or possible scarcity of something you take for granted

Madhavan Narayanan ‏ @madversity Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
Thousands of Indian villages have earth hour everyday, all the time. They simply have no electricity

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